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"The world of Athesia is but a shattered memory of its glorious past. A thousand years of war and disaster have undone so much of what came before. But this ends here and it ends now. You have been asked to come to the place once known as Unity Island, to the ruins of an ancient and glorious city that once stood for a vision of a civilized and united Athesia. Together you will rebuild what was lost, drive the darkness back from the world and create a republic where all right thinking folk can walk free from fear and ignorance. Join us and help shine a light in the dark places."

'Athesia Reborn' is a roleplaying game ran for members of the Essex University Roleplay Games Society, both past and present (and if there’s room, their friends). It combines a mix of heroic adventuring with the trials and tribulations of forging a new republic in a wild and inhospitable world.

Players take the role of a mighty hero, invited to join this new republic and serve on its ruling council.

It is run bi-annually for around 30 players, over a full weekend (starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon).



Athesia map.jpeg

The fledgling republic of Athesia is ruled from the centre of the continent on Unity Island, an ancient seat of power from the days of the old alliance.

The rest of the Athesian peninsula is broken into 5 regions, each with their own distinct culture, factions and threats.


There are other factions that are either not tied to a particular land, or exist outside Athesia.


Antoinette du Sel
Appoline Reneux
Arianna Thistledown
Ashkan Razmi

Atiya El-Amin
Calewen Nepia Elenmiel
Canis Wildwood
Cassia Tuccianus
Ceryndra Silverflame
Dargan Drosilan
Daurique Von-Hyde
Dimani Trastor
Faber Selig
Fenxi Thornberry
Geltius Asphoren
Harold Rhymer

Harrison Dreadfell

Jak'kar Au'brai
James Griffin
Lifa'Thyr Fjallanner
Life Changer
Lionel Typhoeus
Meliadin Constarak
Mordecai Ladron
Morgan Redwood
Nak'Darai Xyrqirelle
Paavi Karjalainen
Pedro Ignacio
Percival of Blackwood, Sir
Munzell ta 'Nahal

Quintinus Maledictus Praeteritum Eudoxius
Rowena Littleflute
Sanova Nazir
Tacitus Ajax Liber Silvanus
Tryste & Isolde
Valeska Von Spreichner
Venyrax Gallentes

Verak Tibor
Vereker Auchinleck-Trevelyan, Dr.
Zil'gar Fofyire

Retired/Dead Characters[]

Alfred Eldan, Sir (deceased)
Andres Armino (retired)
Atesca Kaldan (retired)
Aurzel (retired)
Deist Fah'raak (gone rogue) 
Drido Ethron (retired)
Eron Garcia (retired)
Francis Domingez (retired)
Frekki Ingmarsson (retired)
Flint Flagon (retired)
Fulgrim Ironheart (retired)
Gill’Gem Flametongues (retired)
Havwarlen (eaten)
Helga Morkilanner (retired)

Iskar Livra (deceased)
Kayus Gharund (AWOL)
Kel'shaz Lakhar (AWOL)
King Kiya (retired)
Konrad Luthor (AWOL)
Laidriana Panthera (AWOL)
Lanzo Müller (retired)
Lightning Delay Thunder (AWOL)
Lyette Liadon (retired)
Marcellus (deceased)
Markus (retired)
Melizenn of Tamlin (deceased)
Merric Thunderlute (retired)
Namarië Ildereth (retired)

Nest Cadwallader (retired)
Oroboros (AWOL)
Petros Zevran Voidrake (deceased)
Poldrion (AWOL)
Salthazar Hu'bar (AWOL)
Santiago Domingez (deceased)
Ralf Schneiderhütten (retired)
Roshana (retired)
Rosa Lightsinger (retired)
Shadowstrike (retired)
Slath i Faigh (deceased)
Terra Gaius (retired)
Varis Liadon (retired)
Wilfred Hildebrand (retired)


Athesian Tea Club
The Collegium of Athesia

Southern Alliance
Blades of Courage

Republican Guard

Terra Firma
Terra Turtle

Disbanded Organisations[]

Court of Seasons

King's College
Light from Darkness

The Holy Scrolls

Interest Groups[]

Aedian Syndicate: Ateia
A.I.M.S: Prof. Delvo Rus
Anubis of Maketh: Jibade
Archon Council
Children of Khalfani: Aboyami

Druid Circle: Swirl
Five Kings Committee: Garcia Costilla
Forest Guardians: Namarië Ildereth
Paladin Commanders: Gregor
Primal Hollows: Chelidonias (now retired)

Shadow Weavers: Uther Eldan
The Church: The Dawn Prince
The Herrenrat: Ked Taman
Unity City Mayoral Office: Archibald McLinlock


GM Rules[]

These rules are only needed by GMs, although players are free to read them if they wish.

PDF Resources[]

Character Sheet

Name Badges

Organisation Sheet

Interest Tokens

GM Hint: GMs might also find these useful.

Mission Cards
Faction Character Sheet

Clue Cards

Emergency Tokens

Room Labels

Summer Games[]

During the Summer, we also run various "one-shot" mini games in different settings and with variant rules.

Useful Links[]

Forum - A link to the official forum.
Interactive Map - A map showing the peninsula, hex numbers, points of interest, etc.
Collected Clues
List of All Pages - A contents page for this wiki
Chronicles of a Sundered World - A fledgling project to jointly report events that have transpired during a game weekend and allow immersive news to flow during and between sessions.
John's Task List - The place to go to tell John to do the thing.
Wrath of the Empress - A video from a previous game.

Region Template
Faction Template
Character Template
Organisation Template

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